Over a decade of caring

Committed to a better, more sustainable wine industry

  • At Sandalo Organic Estates we have been adopting positive practices for the environment for more than a decade, specializing our portfolio in organic winemaking. These practices have increased over time, and we are proud to share all the steps we are taking for a greenerer future.
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Our key actions towards Climate Action

Sandalo Organic Estates is an organic, vegan and biodynamic wine importer. These are our three main ways to contribute to a more sustainable future:

Organic producers

Our partner wineries practice organic farming, and do not use pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers on the soil or chemicals in the winery.

Vegan-friendly wine and packaging

We partner with vegan wineries who use non-animal fining products in their wines and use vegan-friendly packaging that does not include any animal-sourced components.

Going Carbon Neutral

In our continued commitment to the environment, at Sandalo Organic Estates we have started our path towards a Carbon Neutrality Certification.

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Our commitment to the environment runs deep. After all, at our core, our partners are farmers, and the environment couldn’t be more important to the health and longevity of our vines and very industry.

- Paul Clear, CEO
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Environmental Responsibility

CO2 has contributed more than any driver to climate change, and it remains in the atmosphere longer than other greenerhouse gases. Our goal is to reduce our carbon emissions and offset the ones we cannot reduce. These are the three steps we are following in our efforts to achieve Carbon Neutrality:

Measure our CO2 emissions

We measure all our emissions, a meticulous process that allows us to develop an action plan to reduce and offset.

Reducing emissions

We are changing practices or factors that contribute to our CO2 emissions, like improving our energy efficiency and changing production materials and packaging.

Offsetting emissions

To offset our carbon footprint, we will be financing environmental projects that reduce greenerhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. More specifically, we will be financing forestry projects.

Taking action

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Solar panels

The energy for the facilities comes from 100% renewable sources including solar panels on the winery.

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Saving water

Our partner winery Dominio de Punctum recycles 100% of their water waste and waterfall for irrigation.

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Our wine group, Grupo Sándalo, is financing forestry projects in the Sierra Calderona Natural Park, Valencia.

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What we are doing

Our immediate steps

1. Replacing plastic

We are using 100% compostable, plant-made tasting cups at consumer events instead of plastic.

2. Less printing

We are digitally filing all internal paperwork to limit our use of paper. When we cannot limit our paper consumption, we use 100% recycled paper.

3. Planning to offset shipping

In the future, we plan to donate to reforestation projects to help further offset the footprint of our container shipping.

4. Conscious traveling

We also try our best to choose transportation partners committed to the environment when we need to travel.