Arriezu Vineyards

Navarra and La Rioja (Spain)

Arriezu Vineyards is a young wine cellar founded with the goal of producing the best organic wine with grapes from their own vineyards. One white, from Rueda, and two reds from Rioja, but all fresh, authentic and complex like any good wine — and made with organic grapes!

José Félix Arriezu, CEO and founder, grew up surrounded by the grapes that grew alongside him in his grandparents’ large Spanish Estate, in a small town right on the border between La Rioja and Navarra: San Adrián.

In 1989, he started to make his own wine to sell to other producers, but always had the dream of producing his own brand. In 2013 his dream would become reality when, at his land in Pazaldez, Rueda, he began production of Verdejo. At the same time in San Adrian, Rioja, he began bottling his own, high quality Tempranillo.