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Welcome to GRUPO SANDALO, wine growers and viticulturist focused on the production of high quality organic wines.

GRUPO SANDALO includes 300 hectares of our privately owned vineyards and three wineries as well as sourcing from local organic farmers from multiple regions, adding to a total production of 10 million bottles/year.

Committed to viticulture and the production of organic wines, our team of professionals dedicate themselves with passion to the art of winemaking, from the vine to the crown, resulting in the creation of high quality wine in a organic and sustainable manner.

Born in Cuenca, Spain, and thanks to the commitment of the Fernandez family over three generations, the wines from our vineyards can be currently enjoyed in over 41 countries and 4 continents, with lovers of our wines growing exponentially every year, equally allowing our family of professionals behind our wines located in America, Asia and Europe to grow.

Punctum Biodynamic Family Vineyards

At Punctum we turn our estate grown grapes into world class organic and biodynamic wines according to the tradition handed over for centuries in Spain and by the modern means of a sustainable agriculture and winemaking.

Founded and owned by the Fernandez family, “Finca Fabian” estate currently includes over 200 hectares of vineyards. The winery is located adjacent to the vineyards allowing for keeping the maximum quality in the production of the whites, reds, young and aged wines.

In the province of Cuenca near central Spain, our vineyard is located in an area where wine culture has been around for decades. It sits in an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. The continental mediterranean climate of this territory brings plenty of sunlight to the vineyard, and the clay soil retains water, essential for the health of the vines.

Bodegas Albero
Organic Vineyards

Bodegas Albero is a family owned wine group specialized in producing modern fine wines coming from organic farming and focused on indigenous grapes from our undiscovered region. This unknown region offers our terroir distinctive qualities that set it apart from other nearby appellations, from the cooler climate to the lighter yields.

Terra Firma Winery

At Terra Firma Winery we believe wine is a journey. We want the wines we produce to feel like a trip to different countries and winegrowing regions, a discovery of unique winemaking methods and diverse vineyards. Blends and varietals alike, we aspire to display the flavours, aromas and wine tradition of the lands we work.

Wines from Spain

Spain is the third largest producer of wine in the world. With an abundance of native grape varieties, beautiful landscapes, and a winegrowing tradition that goes back to 1000 B.C, this country is home to more vines than any other country on Earth.

Wines from France

Wine is an intrinsic part of French culture. This country has many benefitial factors in its favour: the wide range of climates and soil types, the variety of styles available and a complex appellation system.

Wines from Portugal

Portugal has gone through a wine revolution during the last decades, but its winemaking history goes back to the country starting to export its wines to the Roman Empire. The wines grown here come from different local grapes that develop distinctive personalities.

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